On this week's Frownland: shit my hilarious little sister says.


On this week's Frownland: shit my girlfriend says.


Hey Frownlanders!

My cranky little webcomic got a mention over at The Webcomics Factory, which is a hub that features daily webcomic content, as well as a truly staggering list of links to other comic pages. It is run by Tony DiGerolamo and Christian Beranek, both veterans of the comic and film industries, who also generate the daily comic content!

They were nice enough to add Frownland to the ever growing list of links, and give it a little mention on the blog. Check it out here.

Additionally, you may now scroll down the the right sidebar of this blog and find links to both The Webcomic Factory, and Super Frat, Tony DiGerolamo's funny look at a group of superhero Frat Boys - both well worth exploring!


Here it is - your second Frownland rerun, in glorious color.


Hey Frownlanders! I'm going on vacation for the next two weeks, so I'll be posting re-runs today and next Sunday. First up is this one from back in 2016, in glorious color.


Here it is - an older Frownland, presented in full and glorious color!
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