One of my favorites from last year, now in glorious color.


Here's one from way back in 2016. My dad had a real talent for swearing, and I remember looking forward to the day I could use those words just as freely.


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The New Years Frownland, updated and now in vomitous color!



For those lucky enough to be working customer service this holiday season - I salute you!

Here it is - your gratuitous Cyber Monday reminder that I still have Frownland Calendars in stock and ready to go! Click the link below and buy, buy, buy! There's also Coffee Mugs.


Here it is - your weekly Frownland. This one is featured in the 2020 Frownland Calendar, which you can purchase by visiting my Etsy shop! Greet every month with a frown and some groovy art.


Here it is - your October appropriate weekly Frownland.



Heads up - your 2020 Frownland Calendar can now be purchased at both Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA or at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon! If you live in either area, head on in and get your Frownland Calendar today!

They're here, they're cranky, and they're reasonably priced! Your 2020 Frownland Calendars are available now! Check 'em out!

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On sale next week - your 2020 Frownland Calendars! Full color and filled with enough misanthropy to get you through the next year. Stay tuned ...



This one based on a true tale related to me by my pal Ben Talley.


One of my favorites from the last year, colorized and thrilled about it.


Frownland in Bang! Magazine

Hey gang!
How are you doing?
I wanted to let you know that Frownland is featured in this months issue of Bang! Magazine. If you live in Portland, you can pick up a copy for free at one of their curbside vending machines. Otherwise, head on over to bangpdx and purchase a digital copy for your reading pleasure!
Here are some shameless selfies of the me and the issue at hand.


Going On Sabbatical

Heads up!! Frownland is going on a small sabbatical while I tend to some projects - including the 2020 Calendar! Stay tuned ...


Here it is - a oldie but goodie, updated and colorized for your viewing pleasure.


Repost from back in 2016! Overheard in Pasadena, CA.


You've only got one chance to get it right. >br>