Frownland Calendars are now on sale for $10.00 on Etsy! Here is my cat hanging out with the remaining stock. Act now!



I'm back from my vacation, and apparently cranky as ever.


Here it is - your Frownland rerun, colored and cleaned up for your viewing pleasure. I'll be back to cranking out new ones next week, so see you then!


Here it is - your Frownland rerun, posted by special request from my girlfriend.
And yes, I really saw this.


I'm going on a little vacation, so its reruns for the next two weeks! First up...


Here it is - the first Frownland of 2019!
Thanks to all of my followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - you give me something to look forward to every week! Also thank you to Amy McDonald, Rob Bieselin, and my co-workers for acting as my sounding boards for comics in progress all throughout 2018; I couldn't do it without you.


Hey SoCal folks! Vroman's Bookstore in beautiful Pasadena has copies of your 2019 Frownland Calendar! Quantities are limited, so nab 'em quick! Here's some pics, courtesy of my good pal Corie.


Happy Thanksgiving from your weekly Frownland!


Throw Back Thursday from last year, when your weekly Frownland was hanging out at the 2017 Altered Barbie Exhibition in SF. My good friend Max sent these pics along since I couldn't be there myself.


Heads up - your weekly Frownland is moving to Tuesdays! In the meantime, here is a shameless plug for the 2019 Frownland Calendar, which can be purchased by visiting my Etsy Shop, or at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA and Powell's Books in Portland, OR!