ALLPROPRINT.COM Hey gang! First off, thank you all for enthusiastically snatching up the 2021 Frownland Calendars - despite two separate runs, I am now completely sold out and am truly humbled and honored! In the spirit of that, I thought I'd start off the new year by spotlighting the fellow whose been responsible for getting these things printed since I first started making them: Harvey, of 'Printing By Harvey' in Glendale, CA. Beloved by locals for his reasonable rates, hands on approach and efficiency, Harvey and his wife have been running this little shop since 1989, which, in ever-changing Los Angeles, is a true accomplishment. I shudder to think what I would have done had my girlfriend not found them on yelp - from showing me how to create the layouts, to helping me select paper stock and printing size, they have been invaluable in getting my calendar produced ever year! So a huge thank you to Harvey and his wife, and if you need printing services, check them out at ALLPROPRINT.COM I can't recommend them enough. Cheers and thank you!


They're here - your 2021 Frownland Calendars are in stock, wrapped in plastic, and ready to help get you through the new year! Full color and humorously cranky, they are the perfect gift for misanthropic friends, strange relatives, or yourself! Reasonably priced but not safe for work. Get 'em while supplies last! Step right up! https://www.etsy.com/shop/waylonbacon


One of the twelve full color Frownland's featured in this year's calendar! Stay tuned, and don't despair over those Freudian quirks of yours - we've all got them.


A Frownland from last year, drawn after reading The Rise and Fall of The Dinosaurs.


 Hey gang! This week is a special Frownland that is completely dedicated to Vroman's Bookstore, a Pasadena institution that is struggling due to the pandemic. This place has played an important role in the lives of generations of book lovers, myself included, and it's impossible to fathom a world without them. Check out the comic below, and make sure to check out Vroman's at: www.vromansbookstore.com


 More true tales from a decades worth of odd jobs.



Flashback to simpler times, when your biggest worry about going back to school might involve having to dissect a pig ... unless you were into that kind of thing.


I could have also put the year as 1932, when tear gas was deployed on Veterans marching in Washington to claim unpaid dues - just in case anyone needs some perspective here.


Anyone else find themselves walking through predominantly white neighborhoods with fresh eyes?

Sign the petition here: JusticeForElijahMcClain.change.org


Here it is - my latest cover for Beatdom Magazine, featuring a meeting of two beat generations. The new issue will be available June 1st, and in light of recent events will be free as a downloadable PDF! Hardcopies can be purchase through Amazon.com. Poetry, essays, and fiction perfect for some quarantine reading. Special thanks as always to editor David Wills for trusting me with his cover art over the last seven years!


Here it is - a drawing I did after moving from an urban sprawl to a suburban sprawl. It's still true.


Here it is - storytime with your weekly Frownland.


Here it is -something I actually saw a clerk say to a customer at my favorite 'Del Taco' in Pasadena, CA. Winning? This is an older Frownland from around 2016, back when I would still do the occasional portrait framing.

We interupt your usual Frownlanding schedule to bring you an announcement: this week I made a short film for the Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival; it's three minutes, it's cheap, and you can watch it below! Staring myself, a crappy cellphone camera, and my buddy Elias Santos as the voice of 'Larry'. Enjoy!


A special Birthday Frownland!
Ages ago, my girlfriend Amy and I were watching a zombie film and she said "You know, there'd be no flowy dresses in the zombie apocalypse." This gave her an idea for a Frownland, which she's been describing to me in detail ever since. Today is her Birthday, so in honor of my fellow cultural pundit, excellent proof reader, and partner in life and crime, here it is - Amy's 'Pus Fuck Frownland'. Happy Birthday honey, you make Zombies worth drawing.