Here it is - my latest cover for Beatdom Magazine, featuring a meeting of two beat generations. The new issue will be available June 1st, and in light of recent events will be free as a downloadable PDF! Hardcopies can be purchase through Amazon.com. Poetry, essays, and fiction perfect for some quarantine reading. Special thanks as always to editor David Wills for trusting me with his cover art over the last seven years!


Here it is - a drawing I did after moving from an urban sprawl to a suburban sprawl. It's still true.


Here it is - storytime with your weekly Frownland.


Here it is -something I actually saw a clerk say to a customer at my favorite 'Del Taco' in Pasadena, CA. Winning? This is an older Frownland from around 2016, back when I would still do the occasional portrait framing.

We interupt your usual Frownlanding schedule to bring you an announcement: this week I made a short film for the Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival; it's three minutes, it's cheap, and you can watch it below! Staring myself, a crappy cellphone camera, and my buddy Elias Santos as the voice of 'Larry'. Enjoy!


A special Birthday Frownland!
Ages ago, my girlfriend Amy and I were watching a zombie film and she said "You know, there'd be no flowy dresses in the zombie apocalypse." This gave her an idea for a Frownland, which she's been describing to me in detail ever since. Today is her Birthday, so in honor of my fellow cultural pundit, excellent proof reader, and partner in life and crime, here it is - Amy's 'Pus Fuck Frownland'. Happy Birthday honey, you make Zombies worth drawing.


Special thanks to my Instagram pal Schlepping_trudger for inadvertently helping to inspire the poncho outfit.


An older Frownland, repurposed for the current climate. Stay safe and sane out there, friends!


Here it is - your weekly Frownland! Incidentally, this one is featured in the 2020 Calendar, which has completely sold out this year. Thanks folks!!


You've probably noticed I've been posting reruns all month: this is due to some side projects I'm trying to finish up. Hang in there, and in the meantime here's a Frownland based on something a customer actually said to me while ordering lunch. I couldn't argue with her logic.


One of my favorites from last year, now in glorious color.


Here's one from way back in 2016. My dad had a real talent for swearing, and I remember looking forward to the day I could use those words just as freely.


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The New Years Frownland, updated and now in vomitous color!



For those lucky enough to be working customer service this holiday season - I salute you!

Here it is - your gratuitous Cyber Monday reminder that I still have Frownland Calendars in stock and ready to go! Click the link below and buy, buy, buy! There's also Coffee Mugs.