Interview on 'Servante Of Darkness'!

Check out this wonderful and flattering article about me and my work over at the blog 'Servante Of Darkness'! This includes a lengthy interview that covers both my film and cartooning endeavors, as well as stories behind some of the Frownlands. Special thanks to the inimitable Anthony Servante for the thoughtful introduction and his intelligent and interesting questions!



Here it is - your COLOR Frownland

This week I took a vote on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to see which Frownland people would like to see in color this week. Here is the winner!

Thank you to everybody who participated in the voting process this last week. And if you voted for one of the other drawings, don't fret - I have plans for the runners up in the near future.


Frownland On Bored Panda!

Your Weekly Frownland is trending on Boredpanda this week!

I had submitted ten comics to the website on Wednesday morning. By Thursday a member of the Boredpanda community had upvoted it to an open list, meaning that people could add additional images to my initial post. There's now currently more than twenty of my comics on display there, with 8k views!

Click the link below to take a look, and make sure to upvote your favorites and keep this thing chugging along!



Color Frownland Vote!

Every now and then I dig up an older Frownland and repost it in color. This week, I'm letting YOU choose which one it will be! Take a look at the four options below, and then leave a comment with the number you'd like to see. The one with the most votes will be posted on Sunday, July 23rd! The votes are open from now until next Tuesday, July 19th. Cheers! Your weekly Frownland


Happy Birthday Frownland!

'Frownland' is two years old as of today! Here is the very first one I ever drew, posted on this date back in 2015. May or may not be based on an actual encounter.