Exciting stuff over here; a few months ago Beatdom Books tapped me to create the cover for a wonderful chapbook entitled 'Off The Road and Over The Cukoo's Nest: A Literary History Of The American Counter Culture', by Mickey Harper. It is now available to purchase through Amazon.com. Click the link to check it out!



Oregon folks - your Frownland Calendar is now available to purchase at the legendary Powell's Books in Portland! Go fourth and purchase so they'll carry it again next year!


Frownland at Vroman's!

SoCal folks- there's an exciting new development for your 2018 Frownland Calendar:


It's cyber Monday, so just a reminder that I have Frownland Stuff for sale! Coffee Mugs and 2018 Calendars to help add a little grumpiness to your home this holiday season.

Head on over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/waylonbacon and check it out!


They're here! You may now head over to my Etsy Shop and purchase your 2018 Frownland Calendar! Guaranteed to help you chuckle your way through the new year, it features twelve cartoons from my webcomic, all rendered in full color, as well as additional art sprinkled throughout. A perfect gift for world weary friends, family members, or yourself!


This week I dashed off a quick drawing to accompany a poem by esteemed writer John Shirley over at the Servante Of Darkness Blog. There's also a bit about the Frownland Mugs, whose shipping costs I managed to wrangle down a bit!



No Frownland today, as I've officially fallen behind on a few projects and need to get caught up! Stay tuned next week when Frownland returns. In the meantime, here's a picture of me hard at work on one project in particular...


Here they are - your official Frownland Mugs!! Professionally silk screened on a classy 11oz White Ceramic Mug, there are two designs, each with the 'Frownland' logo on the reverse side. And at the highly reasonable price of $11.00!! This is a bit of a soft opening, so please message me with any problems you encounter. Thanks, and cheers! You can click on the link below, or to the 'Store' button on the right. Cheers!



The first items available at the Frownland Etsy Shop will be this awesome double sided coffee mug, featuring the Frownland logo on one side, and one of two drawing choices on the other. We'll be open for business on Tuesday, October 10th. See you then!


An important announcement in place of your weekly Frownland:


I was recently sent some pictures of my contribution to the 2017 Altered Barbie Art Show as it looks hanging in the gallery. Check it out!

If you live in the Bay Area, by all means stop by and check it out! The gallery is free to visit, and is open Mon - Sat, 1:00pm - 6:00pm.

Back to the Picture
934 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA
More info can be found at: http://alteredbarbie.com/


I am very happy to announce that I am part of the 2017 Altered Barbie Show in San Francisco, CA! 

Altered Barbie is an annual art show centered around the concept of Barbie, where artists contribute pieces that can be satirical, political, or otherwise, in whatever medium they choose, and has been active since 2003.

My contribution this year is the cartoon seen below, a meditation on Barbie and how she plays into modern ideas of feminism. 

The best part is that if you live in the bay area, you can go and see this drawing up close and personal, hanging in the Altered Barbie Gallery in San Francisco's Mission District! See below for more details. 

As well, all of the art at Altered Barbie is for sale; pieces can be purchased through the official Altered Barbie Website: http://alteredbarbie.com/artwork/exhibition

If you want to visit the gallery, it is located at:

Back to the Picture
934 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

Hours are Mon - Sat, 1:00pm - -6:00pm. It is free with suggested donations, and is up now through October 7th. Check it out! And maybe take a picture and e-mail it to me, since I can't be there myself. 

More information can be found by visiting: http://sf.funcheap.com/event-series/altered-barbie-art-show/



This is cool; after Frownland went viral over at Boredpanda.com, some youtube company made a video of the gallery! Check it out:

However, I suggest muting it and playing this song instead:


Remember back in July when you voted on which Frownland you'd like to see in color?
Well here is the 2nd place winner in all it's glory.


A behind the scenes picture showing concept sketches and the finished drawing for a recent Frownland. I think the addition of a beanie really tied the room together.


Interview on 'Servante Of Darkness'!

Check out this wonderful and flattering article about me and my work over at the blog 'Servante Of Darkness'! This includes a lengthy interview that covers both my film and cartooning endeavors, as well as stories behind some of the Frownlands. Special thanks to the inimitable Anthony Servante for the thoughtful introduction and his intelligent and interesting questions!



Here it is - your COLOR Frownland

This week I took a vote on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to see which Frownland people would like to see in color this week. Here is the winner!

Thank you to everybody who participated in the voting process this last week. And if you voted for one of the other drawings, don't fret - I have plans for the runners up in the near future.


Frownland On Bored Panda!

Your Weekly Frownland is trending on Boredpanda this week!

I had submitted ten comics to the website on Wednesday morning. By Thursday a member of the Boredpanda community had upvoted it to an open list, meaning that people could add additional images to my initial post. There's now currently more than twenty of my comics on display there, with 8k views!

Click the link below to take a look, and make sure to upvote your favorites and keep this thing chugging along!



Color Frownland Vote!

Every now and then I dig up an older Frownland and repost it in color. This week, I'm letting YOU choose which one it will be! Take a look at the four options below, and then leave a comment with the number you'd like to see. The one with the most votes will be posted on Sunday, July 23rd! The votes are open from now until next Tuesday, July 19th. Cheers! Your weekly Frownland


Happy Birthday Frownland!

'Frownland' is two years old as of today! Here is the very first one I ever drew, posted on this date back in 2015. May or may not be based on an actual encounter.


Here's a behind the scenes glimpse at one of my favorite Frownlands.


Here is a Frownland from back in February, but now in full color. Enjoy!