Happy Holidays from Frownland!!

I'll be taking a short break until after the New Year, so see you then!


Keep smiling!

I actually had a customer service job where they would critique how wide you smiled. Retail gets weirder every year.


Frownland Calendars Now On Sale at Vromans Bookstore!

I am very happy to announce that the Frownland Calendar is now on sale at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA!

Vromans is Southern California's oldest bookstore, having been in existence for 120 years! I'm am deeply honored to have my calendar on sale at such an institution. Plus, it's a kick to see my art right next to the annual New Yorker Calendar.

Calendars are priced the same as on the etsy page - $16.00. Plus, your supporting one of the greatest independent bookstores in the world! I say go for it.


They're heeeere! You may now purchase your own Frownland Calendar to help get you through the next year! Click the link below to be taken to the Etsy Shop:



Back after a slight delay

Like a lot of people, the election just took the wind out of my sails.

I've also been cramming to get the Frownland Calendar finished and printed. The good news is that it's currently at the printer, and I'm just waiting to have them in my hands before I post up a link to the Etsy site where they can be purchased. Stay tuned! I've posted a picture of one of the layout proofs below, along with this weeks Frownland. 'Till next time!


Frownland Calendars - Coming Soon!

You read it right - you will soon be able to add a little more absurdity to your year with a unique, 11x17 Frownland Calendar!

Not only will this feature twelve of the most popular Frownlands, but they will all be in glorious, glossy color - many for the first time, like the sneak peak below.

More details to come soon - keep your eyes peeled!


Trivia; I watched 'Best In Show' while inking this last night.


Great news - Frownland is the webcomic of the day over at 'Best Webcomic.com'! Click the link to read a lengthy interview with me all about how Frownlands are created!


I'm going on vacation, so no Frownlands next weekend. See you in September!


I was thinking about how funny it would be if socially awkward guys started protesting 'creep shaming'. Then I googled it and realized that there ARE guys who protest 'Creep Shaming'. The internet is a true democracy.


As often as I like to poke fun at difficult customers, in real life it's usually a two sided street.


Like everyone who has watched the horrifying video's of both Anton Sterling and Philando Castile's murder, I will be haunted for the rest of my life. Here's hoping we can work to make it better instead of let it get worse.


Los Angeles is a place that affords amazing people watching, as the culture creates eccentric behavior you couldn't find anywhere else. Case in point, my girlfriend and I both saw different men with orange tans and tiny, silk shorts strutting their stuff around town in the same week. But the best part is that they just sort of blend in.


Here it is: one of your (older)weekly Frownlands now in vivid color. Enjoy!



Frownland Sketches

Here's another round of sketches that became finished Frownland's; they are usually done while on the bus or on a break at work, and the idea is to try and nail the framing and facial expression as quickly as possible. Other times, these start out as just doodles with no set idea behind them.

Drawn while having lunch at the Glendale Pho Company.

This was done while on the bus to work, during what was obviously a very happy morning.

I went through many drafts of this drawing, working on it while on the bus, while on break, and late at night before bed. This is draft 1, drawn on the bus.

Done on my lunch break, during which time I ironically decide to not eat so I'd have time to get this drawn.


Two firsts; the first new Frownland posted to the official facebook page, and the first one I cleaned up using 'Gimp' instead of Photoshop. It's a free program that mimics photoshop, it's not from the evil that is adobe, and I get to say 'Guess I'll go wake up the gimp' every time I start a session. Happy happy, joy joy.


Frownland Official Facebook Page!

I've gone in and made an official Facebook page for 'Frownland'. Check it out! Almost all of the work has been archived there. I've also started adding colorized versions of some of my favorite past editions, which you can see here in this post.




A true story that repeats itself every time I'm waiting to cross the street in Pasadena.


Based on a mostly true story; the location and circumstances have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.
Also, no Frownland next week, as I'm working on beefing up Frownland's web presence. Stay tuned for whatever that might mean.


Frownland, gone Meta.

Now go get your taxes done!